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Youtubers like him are what gets games rolling, sort of like Seananners with Minecraft. I remember reading a article in a honest to god paper magazine about one of the early alpha's, also keep in mind that there was nothing else like it at the time.. Not really, It wasn't really known until the halloween update, Hell majority of players joined after the Alpha was over which it had been in alpha for a long time.

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Davidangel64 on youtube was one of the first youtubers to show case the game and he had maybe at the time 1k subs during the start of it. No one knew about minecraft till Seananners played it and that was due to no one really exploring youtube similar to finding good music. Every gamer went to machinama and he was a big CoD player back in the day getting good games in while being relaxed even during live commentaries. One day they let him upload a minecraft video and boy did that game Explode after that.

The server I played on that had at peek times 20 players, jumped to about Dwickback Donaldson 4 years ago Please please play more of this stranded deep or Forrest I love survival games I just get so hooked on these sort of games Reply.

TGblitz official 4 years ago And more shit about Americans with saying we are violant all the time and we have guns everywhere I'm american and we don't have any guns we: Crystal Lemke 4 years ago Columbas did discover American Reply. Greg Gorn 4 years ago How did noone make any motorboat jokes!!!???

YetiBlue 4 years ago My ass is itching from all the sand in my shochs. Mysterious Walrus 4 years ago That was true someone red beard discovered America but was defeated by the natives Reply. Jared Reinstein 4 years ago I am a Norwegian Viking descendent that means my ancestors found America I own it that means bitches Reply.

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Robotic noob 4 years ago hey robbaz if you want the best free build ocean game play subnatica its amazing: Rashied Sandy 3 years ago stop saying bad words Reply. Patrick Sean Biscuit 3 years ago coconut Reply. Rayden Heaton 3 years ago Nobody found America there was people living there.

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  • Fact: Robbaz is one of the funniest users on YouTube.

RIFT gaming-summoner 3 years ago just like most fires dings when the food is cooked Reply. Liam Mitchell 3 years ago i wonder if he understands the definition of a hippie Reply.

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Nick Mckeehan 3 years ago is it true your country has been over run by liberals ,Muslims and feminists?? Chaoticcrawler17 3 years ago you missed a locker 3: Walrus has made cameo appearances is a lot of videos and games played by Robbaz.

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