Tulane hook up culture

Probably even grosser than a dorm room, probably a ton of dudes within a hundred feet, best of luck.

The basement of Newcomb. Dugout at Turchin Stadium.

The Tulane Hullabaloo

Super gross but apparently a thing. Open all night, and the bathroom is for one. Top Floor of Stern. The stacks at Howie T! Where are your favorite places to hookup at Tulane?

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On college campuses around the country, students are swiping right, going out and hooking up. In a survey conducted by The Hullabaloo, however, 49 percent of students reported being in a serious relationship since starting college. More than half of these relationships lasted a year or longer.

That is not the case for everyone, and the changing culture around dating makes college relationships challenging to navigate. While 65 percent of respondents said that they are seeking relationships, almost half of respondents said they have been unable to find a serious partner while at Tulane. Facebook data scientists conducted an analysis of profiles in that found around 28 percent of married college graduates, aged 25 or older, attended the same college.

Many attribute this cultural shift to the rise of dating apps and hookup culture.

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