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Not all military bases are created equal. If you were raised in a military family, you might already be used to the perennial shuffle. If not, though, it can be kind of a wallop to the gut to find yourself extraordinarily far away from all of your old friends and family: We rally together whenever there is a tragic loss of life, cancer diagnosis, depression or divorce. We also celebrate the good times and keep each other sane when our spouses are busy with work or deployed. It was an example of the things we were supposed to learn together. I watched our son do many firsts without his daddy.

Moral of the story? Inside the Tribeca loft of the woman who makes art from li View author archive Get author RSS feed. Your career might have to play second fiddle. But on the bright side, you get to make new families.

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Read Next Inside the Tribeca loft of the woman who makes art from li And how much money will I receive and when will I receive it if I do? Congratulations on your marriage! This is required by the military — it must be directly deposited no payments by cash or check.

The Army will only send this to the account on record, and they will not automatically send you a check unless your name is also on that account. You may have heard about family separation pay from another military spouse.

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This is a tax free military benefit that military members with dependents receive while they are separated from their spouses due to military related duties that last 30 days or more. This benefit is to help take care of additional expenses while the military member is deployed, but he will not receive it until he returns from the deployment. Again, this money will be direct deposited into his account.

It is also important to note that the money e earns while he is in Afghanistan will also be tax free because he will be serving in a tax free combat zone. The most important thing to do is communicate with your husband about both of your financial needs. It is important to note that so far as I know, there are no requirements that he set up a joint account. But he does need to ensure you are taken care of and that all his bills are paid while he is gone. You can work with him to try and set things up so that you can take care of the bills while he is gone.

That will give him one less thing to worry about while he is in a stressful situation. You can sign up for a joint savings account at any local bank or credit union, or you can use an online bank such as USAA. There are many pros and cons to setting up a joint financial system , and I encourage you to look into it. If you decide to go this route, I encourage you to communicate often about money so both of you are on the same page. Money can be stressful, and frequent communication can prevent many financial problems.

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Here is more information about financial planning for military families. Congrats Trisha on your marriage! Getting your finances organized before your husband leaves for deployment will reduce stress greatly. The service member should receive Family Separation Pay while they are deployed. My husband is threatening to stop sending money to the children and I because he wants a divorce… Can he do that?

In regard to your question, I would like to refer you to your base legal counsel. Lisa, Yes, soldiers can take an ATM card with them on deployment. Many deployed locations have ATM machines. Schannel, No, the spouse does not receive financial support while the service member is in boot camp.

The member will receive pay for the time he or she is in boot camp, but it is up to the servicemember to send money to the spouse. Another alternative is to have the paycheck deposited directly into a joint account where the spouse will have immediate access to it. Please keep in mind that it may be a few weeks before the first paycheck is received. He said I better thankful I have housing and other benefits free to me and his stepsons. Or would either of those work fine?

It would be from his bank account based out of the US being transferred to my account also in the US so it is US Currency that is being transferred? Any help is appreciated. I really could use some advice. I have been talking with this guy for about 7 months now. He is a Major in the Army and he is over in Senegal Dakar.

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After all this time I still have my guard up. He has requested leave and it has been approved.

He even emailed me a copy of the letter. He has been asking me to open an IRA and checking account for him. Which I would not do. Now he has emailed me informing me that they are sending a partial payment for leave bonus and entitlement in check form to me to deposit and then western union him some of it. No, the Army does not do this. The military will give him access to all of his banking needs.

You are right to have your guard up. It should be a red flag any time anyone asks you to do any banking transactions on their behalf. This sounds like a fraudulent transaction and if you send any money, chances are high that you will never see it, or him, again. But he will make sure he eats out all the time and buy stuff he wants. Is he allowed to do this? Taneisha, No this is not true. You should never give anyone your bank account information unless you are married and have a joint account you both own together. There is a scam going around where people gain your trust then ask for your bank account information to deposit pay or benefits.

They actually take all your money and you never hear from them again.

Do Military Spouses Receive a Paycheck?

I already sent him Which he is in Nigeria in the army, says he will never see his kids or me for maybe a year, unless i give him permission to deposit money into my checking account ,what to do. If you do, you will wake up one day and your account will be empty. You should immediately stop talking to this person, as this is a scam.

Do not ask questions they will have a response that sounds good for everything. Stop communicating with this person and move on. So they should certainly have access to their funds wherever they are in the world. My husband is going into the Air Force and I want to know how much money I would get for family separation while he is in training and schooling? Carey, Thank you for contacting me. Family separation pay is paid to the military member, not the spouse. It is given when the military members files his or her travel voucher after completing their assignment, or during the assignment if they file an accrual voucher part-way through the trip.

The best thing to do is to work out a plan with your husband to manage your finances while he is away. A joint bank account is probably the easiest way to do that. I wish you and your husband the best as you make this transition! Is it true that a U. Julia, Thank you for contacting me. There is some truth to this statement, but that is not the case for everyone. The military requires all members to have a bank account that accepts direct deposit, and all paychecks and benefits are directly made to the bank account.

Members should have access to their bank while overseas, either through a physical branch if the bank has international locations, or through other means such as Internet access, ATM cards, checks, money transfers, etc. Military members can also open a bank account in an overseas location if they feel the need to have a bank near where they are stationed or deployed.

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All that said, some deployed or overseas locations may not have easy access to funds, so in some cases, access to cash or financial transactions may be extremely limited. So the answer to your question depends on individual circumstances. We were wondering if we would receive better benefits if we were married? Alana, Thank you for contacting me. At this point, the only difference wold be the possibility of separation pay while you are attending technical training if you do not attend technical training at the same time and location.

I would speak with a recruiter to get more information about the benefits available to you, when you qualify for those benefits, and any other questions you might have. Find out as much as you can first about your training, the location, duration, when you would leave, and other factors. Then talk it through with your boyfriend to decide if this is the right move, or if you would both be better off waiting a little while before getting married. I wish you the best!

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My son in law is deployed. My daughter is living with me and my disabled husband. I am a nurse, I stopped working a year ago to take care of my husband who has Parkinsons with Lewy body deminta.


My son in law does not give his wife any money, he controls all the money and the bank account. Does she have right to support? I was once in your daughters situation, and I was told that he did not need to give me money by his command, JAG, and family support center. Only when he became physically abusive, they made him pay for a ticket for our daughter and myself to go back home.

Any way you shake it, she should get a divorce and maybe next time not get hitched after knowing the guy for a few months? As this situation relates to many newlywed military couples, that have known each other less than a year. Hello Noela, Thank you for contacting me. Be sure to get all information in writing before proceeding.

Here is the DFAS customer service page.